"Forgive my father"

I took you to the city
carried you in my pocket
a little blue and dog-eared
from long waiting

but still ready
an empty box
that never leaves my mind

I kept looking
over my shoulder
looking for your face

swaying like a pendulum

looking forward

holding back

looking forward

holding back

Until dizzy eye
couldn't see

I fell asleep
my heart calling
(the line was busy)
across time

for no answer

for the answer

for no answer

for the answer

So instead
I took your hand
and prayed

And began to wait
for you

Now instead of
chasing me
through days
and  two ways unsettled




I wait for you
to come to me
to sit beside me
in a calm place

for us to smile
and not to speak

 but to be in a place
At Peace

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