Tatuí: 10 months in the mission, 6 months in Brazil, 3 weeks in the middle of Nowhere

I have been transferred to Tatuí. Does it even exist on Google Map? I have no idea, but it should. It's absolutely gorgeous. Green rolling hills, cows, horses, tons of trees, and cobblestoned streets. The key to my front door is something out of the 19th century, and my companion tells me I constantly look like an American as I'm walking because I'm always looking around and never where I'm going.

But I can't help it. When I picture heaven in my mind, it looks like Tatuí.

By form of briefest update:

  • Hot adj 1. the temperature at which your shoes melt and stick to the pavement 
  • Cold adj 1. the temperature of the water every time my companion uses my blow dryer while I'm in the shower. 
  • The last time I saw a Mercedes, it was a dump truck. 
  • Somebody decided that I was his "namolada" (girlfriend) yesterday. His name is Samuel. He's 3. Two minutes later he said he was the Hulk and he didn't love me anymore. 
  • Lesson learned from the shoe strap mark on my foot--underneath all of this tan, I am really, REALLY white.
  • With a prayer, some ingenuity, and a piece of an old coat rack, you too can repair the flood in your bathroom.

I wrapped my hand in a plastic bag to pull that out... Jussayin... In case y'all think I actually touched that.

I am, as ever, your humble servant and never-deviating friend,
Sister Doyle

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