Temple Square--Week 4

Here is a list of my favorite things I've seen, heard, experienced and learned so far on Temple Square:
  • The two year old girl who says "Nebuchadnezzar."
  • There are about half a million creative ways to eat tortillas. And also, peanut butter.
  • The bride with the zebra-stripe bolero for her wedding dress, with matching bridesmaids.
  • If you say "Panda bear" in Mandarin with the wrong tones, you will say "Chest hair."
  • The round windows on the Salt Lake Temple actually open.
  • Members who see us walking, poke their small children and say, "Look! Missionaries!"
  • Inside jokes with other sisters because of the goofy things we experience in the call center. ("I don't have a brother.")
  • What is this man's name?!
    Trying not to laugh about aforementioned inside jokes when you pass other sisters on the Square.
  • The picture of the man on top of the Temple Spire in the South Visitor's Center. I've made it a mission within my mission to find out what his name is.
  • Accidentally seeing President Packer. And by "seeing," I mean "almost plowing into the security detail of."
  • Randomly humming the music from different Visitor's Center displays.
  • Also, recognizing when other sisters are doing this.
  • The little boy who introduces himself as "Batman."
  • D&C 60: 15
  • The Plan of Salvation summed up by the convert from New York: "So you're a god, eventually. But can you pay rent?!"
  • The techno version of If You Could Hie to Kolob. With violins.
  • Trunkytown = the place I go when a wedding party comes out of the Temple.
  • Working in constant sight of the Temple is only a blessing if you take the time to see it often.
I am, as ever, your humble servant and never-deviating friend,
Sister Doyle

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