Temple Square--Week 1

The next time you visit Temple Square, imagine an entire world of women beneath your feet making the place run. I'm convinced that the entire reason the mission is run solely by sisters is because men simply couldn't keep up with the changes or the pace here.

Another sister who serves here is from a tiny island called Kiribati, and she is amazing. She has so much success all the time, more referrals and tours than she knows what to do with, and I asked her recently what her secret is.

"You just gotta move yo' bawdy."

I fell in love with that. I've thought about it a lot the past couple of days. The only way to keep up with things here is to keep moving, keep teaching. Keep testifying. Don't stop, don't stand still. Just keep moving and the long day will eventually end.

I've grown to appreciate the pioneers as I've thought about that too. They never stopped. Whether they were walking or pulling handcarts, riding in wagons, or burying their dead. They kept moving. And when they had nothing else to give, they prayed. God picked them up, put them on their feet, and told them to keep moving again.

To me, that's faith. It doesn't take a strong person to ask for help. It doesn't take a strong person to ask for what is obviously needed. It doesn't take a strong person to ask for God to step into our lives. It only takes humility to do that. But to learn about strength, about faith to move mountains--and then to take those mountains and build temples out of them--it takes moving when you think you have nothing left. It means going to the edge of everything you ever knew or understood about yourself, and digging deeper.

"Move yo' bawdy."

I hope I never forget it.

I am, as ever, your humble servant and never-deviating friend,
Sister Doyle

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