One of the claims to fame for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is our interest in genealogy. One of the programs in the Church that allows us to do this is FamilySearch Indexing, where we digitize the handwritten data--census records, military records, things of that sort from countries all around the world.

I just changed my stake information in my FamilySearch Indexing account. Because of that, the number of names I've indexed was reset to zero. Before that I had about 470 some names as the total amount that I had ever indexed.

I was speaking to a friend recently about a story from scripture he seems to have been contemplating lately. It's the story from the New Testament where, after Christ feeds the 5000, He walks on water to the disciples that are attempting to sail through a storm on the Galilee. It's also the story where Peter leaps out of the boat and walks to Christ on the water. It's a pretty power-packed couple of days, and the part that always stands out to me is everything that happens to Peter. But it's Christ's development, if I may be so bold as to call it that, is what has recently sparked my interest.

In order to understand the events that lead up to Christ walking on water, I feel like it would be helpful for me to start with the feeding of the 5000. And since I don't really have any concept about how big of a number 5000 actually is, I set a goal to index 5000 names by the end of the year. That averages out to about 150 names a day. At about 50 names an hour, it's 100 hours total, averaging almost 3 hours a day.

Wish me luck! I see now that I've started that I'm going to need it. South Dakota census records are not easy to translate, as it were.

I know that God lives, and with the help of His Spirit we can do great things in His service. In the name of Jesus Christ.

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