Fun with Hebrew

So I just changed my major to Ancient Near Eastern Studies, and I couldn't be happier to be studying antiquity again.

Why, you ask?

Because I can now do THIS:


Yup! That's my name. Kind of. It doesn't really mean anything, but my Biblical Hebrew professor uses my middle name all the time. Since it's a variant of Michael, it looks like this:


It means "who is like God." Wikipedia phrases that as a question, but I'll let you know if that's true when we come to it. We learned David and Samuel in class today, so I may or may not learn more names here soon.

And actually, I just hit the web and found out that if you add a yod to my first name after the hey, it makes a word in Hebrew:


It means permit, permission, sufferance, dispensation. And actually, the word dispensation comes up without the yod in it too!

So if you put my first and middle name together, it could actually make a phrase, which is what your name will do if it's Biblical. Mine is something like Dispensation who is like God, or Sufferance who is like God. I'll have to ask my professor tomorrow and get the official verdict.

Heavenly Father teaches us the most amazing things in the most unlikely ways, especially when it comes to helping us realize how dearly He loves each of us, and how special we are. I find it easy to think I'm not particularly special on any given day, but He tells me all the time this isn't true--not about me and not about any of the people I see every day.

Maybe if you talk to me in twenty years, I'll have more of a grasp of what He's trying to tell me. The only thing I have a sense of right now is that the majesty of that one truth will no doubt require at least that much time to understand.

In the mean time, I have fun facts about how everything, even my name, has meaning and purpose in His plan.

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