General Conference 179.4

Sunday Morning Session
Henry B. Eyring presides
Choir: Now We'll Sing with One Accord

Choir: O My Father (GASP! LOVE IT!)

Elder Dallin H. Oaks - Our Saviro gave Himself in selfless service
Matthew 16: 24-5
Missionary service - senior couples and youth; temple work. Lose/ forget yourself; go to work.
"You can never love the Lord until you love Him by serving His children." -Thomas S. Monson
We rejoice that there are so many Saints that put aside themselves to raise their children.
We appreciate your unselfish service in all you do.
Some mock and call our faith "blind obedience." Do not hear man more than God. Satan seeks to sift us as wheat, make us common. "We cannot walk/talk/do as other men because we have  a different destiny, and we must fit ourselves to it."
We live in the Me Generation - the great and spacious building - a sense of entitlement - pride. DON'T BE GREEDY!
Remember where you came from.
Gambling is based in theft; contrary to the Law of the Harvest (that which is gained through work and learning)
Mother Theresa - we should be more like this in our Church. Actively make a difference in the lives of others to feel uplifted. If you want something, WORK for it.

Elder David A. Bednar - Consider this: "I wish I had been a temple worker before a stake president."
Temple preparation is essential to all of our Church programs. Should be  our goal in all things.
The purpose of gathering the Saints is to build temples. The reason we do missionary work is to take our brothers and sisters to the temples.
To take the Sacrament on covenants to be "WILLING to take upon us the name of thy Son." In order to take upon us His name, we must go to His house. The temple is the expansion/ fulfillment of the baptismal covenant.
Will bring more opposition from Satan, but we need to move forward under the Promise of the Lord. The wisdom of the Lord is greater than the Devil.
Temple covenants provide protection; we should seek devout, uncasual temple worship. We need these covenant blessings.
The Devil despises the Purity of the Lord's house. Be pure. Let the first of the covenant you made in the temple burn within your heart. Honor that standing. Look forward with great anticipation to the say when you will receive those temple blessings and covenants.

Gary E. Stevenson- "Do you think we  are lost?"... "Grandfather, you are NEVER lost when you can see the temple."
Replace some leisure activities with temple service. Seek it always. If you will touch the temple, it will touch you.
Only the home can compare with the sacred nature of the temple. Does your home compare? The circumstances? Decorum? The people that dwell there? The conversation? (Don't complain, FIX IT!)
Understanding the eternal nature of the temple will draw you to your family.
Understanding the eternal nature of the family with draw you to the temple.
THE HOLY TEMPLE and HOME are sacred and united in purpose.
You are never lost when you can see the temple.

José A. Teixeira - Heavenly Father will teach us our place within His plan.
Moses 1: 39
Navigate our lives to eternal goals. Divine assistance is available to help us succeed.
Moroni 7: 13
Choices have consequences.
GPS - "Where am I? Where am I going? How long will it take to get there?"
But the GPS will lose its signal underground, and it takes time to re-establish connection. The Holy Ghost/ conscience is like this.
"Decisions determine destiny." - Thomas S. Monson
The Lord will do nothing save He will warn His Prophets.

F. Michael Watson - Give the horse the reigns. We may not be able to see the path, but if we trust the guidance of those before us and those with us, give them the reigns, we will be led to camp.
Psalms 24: 3-5
"You may not like the things the prophets council... but it will redeem your name" Harold B. Lee
Remember where we've been and what we've been taught.
Heed and obey the council of the prophets.

L. Tom Perry- Single sheep stuck on the mountain, blocking traffic. "Where is the shepherd?" Member-based missionary programs are most effective.
Give courage to those around us.
The blessings of the fullest gospel are rooted in its ordinances and faith in Christ.
Open our mouths and testify. Testify of Jesus Christ, of Joseph Smith, of the Book of Mormon. Ponder what it means to feel lost, and what it means to be the spiritual shepherd, to save that sheep.

President Thomas S. Monson - Ponder and apply what we've learned.
Let your parents know how much you love them.
Warning - Satan will work harder than ever to ensnare us. RESIST HIM--especially on the internet. AVOID PORNOGRAPHY--sound this warning to all, everywhere. CEASE NOW! Get back on the straight and narrow and stay there. Go to the temple often. Receive peace and renewed resolve to keep the commandments. Remember the Savior in the temple. When we do proxy work, we literally become Saviors on Mt. Zion.

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