General Conference 179.2

Saturday Afternoon Session
President Uchtdorf presides
Hymn; j/k, not a hymn

Robert W. Cantwell- Yay tithing!

M. Russell Ballard- "You're going to TEXT you conference talk?"
Some of life's most valuable lessons come from those who have fone before us. Look to examples of faith, hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. Sometimes you get the rookie treatment, and sometimes we don't.
Look to the scriptures--they will ALWAYS be relevant. Learn so you don't have to exhaust your spiritual strength making the same mistakes.
DO NOT COLLAPSE INTO THE DARK AGES! God will never abandon His children; rather, humanity and its civilizations walk away form Him into the darkness of sin and iniquity.
Technology and expansion has hastened the work, but have also enabled the deterioration of sacred values and commandments.
RECOGNIZE these patters you see all around you. The choice is yours, but BE WISE, and wisdom is tied to experience. Be WILLING to learn from the experiences of others.
"You can't do a Google search to gain a testimony."

Quentin L. Cook - When we behave as we should, harsh criticism will lose its weight.
Be a peaceMAKER; not just tolerant of both good and evil through silence.
You can correct the translation of Hell all you want, and it won't change false belief but slowly. TEACH truth! Most of mankind isn't doomed by default, nor they saved--Fate is earned, which proves forever that fate, in that sense, has never been true. Love all men, and persuade ALL men to repentance.
Salvation is free. Teach everyone this.
Exaltation is NOT free. Teach everyone this as well.
The Plan of Salvation is big enough for all of His children.

Kevin W. Pearson - Faith, and a desire for greater faith - More than recognizing--is a principle of ACTION. In nothing else will we find UNFAILING ASSURANCE. Is the greatest thing we can ever give our children. If we desire more faith, we MUST be obedient.
Be the valiant and virtuous young woman in whom that light of faith will burn--NOTHING WAVERING.
Doubt is not a sign of maturity. Fear and faith CANNOT coexist, so destroy fear AS WELL AS building faith. We have a choice. Make BOTH of them.
6 Destructive D's:
  1. Doubt
  2. Discouragement
  3. Distraction
  4. Diligence
  5. Disobedience
  6. Disbelief
No need to fear or doubt.

Rafael E. Pino- The only true comfort comes from God. This is the time to show that we will obey our God. The only true comfort comes from God. This is the time to show that we will obey our God.
(again) D&C 121-123

Richard G. Scott- Because I love you, I will speak to you plainly. When a temple is conveniently nearby, plan to go and GO--no matter what little things get in the way. Establish your own goals, but stick to them.
Understand the importance of the Atonement of Christ, and His relationship to Heavenly Father. Express what temple blessings mean to you.
Remove your watch. Think of the symbolism. Think of the service you provide, and the person for whom you provide that service.
Do your family history work!
Never ask WHY? - Ask what He would have us learn and thank Him for that blessing of trust.
Never complain; if we are living worthily, all things things will be taken care of.
Keep your temple covenants and all will be okay.

Russell M. Nelson- Prayers follow patters of Christ.  Lord's prayer; Two corrections:
  • Forgive use our TRESPASSES as we forgive THOSE WHO TRESPASS AGAINST US
  • Suffer us not to be led into temptation (Deity will NEVER lead us into temptation.)
The spiritual sustenance of the Sacrament cannot be obtained in any other way. Pray always for help as we resist evil.
Intercessory Prayer - pleas from Christ for the fullest joy we can ever hope to obtain. If we really care, we will pray. Always pray for and help others to develop their ability to feel the presence of the Holy Ghost. Fasting will enhance our prayers.
The Lord will accept that which is enough; better than too much!
When should we pray? ALWAYS! Never cease.

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