General Conference 179.1

179th General Conference, Saturday Morning Session

Watching the morning session in
my friend's bed at Hinckley Hall
Choir sings Press Forward Saints

Neil L. Anderson 

Sustained (everyone raised their hands twice, ha ha)
"It's the longest walk you'll ever take." Thomas S. Monson

Thomas S. Monson

Re-evaluate ourselves. The Church is doing well.
"I have felt those prayers."

Choir sings Hymn 7

Robert D. Hales

Care for the widow. President Monson grew up in the Depression and always cared for the widow.

Speaks to all whose freedom to choose has been diminished by debt. Want more than anything else to control yourself. Be filled with hope of/ in the Savior.  Through Him, all things will be for our good.
Satan knows how/when/ where to tempt us. Ask for help. Seek DIVINE assistance.

Provident Provider- joyfully living within our means, prepared for a rainy day. Keeps basic commandments.

Remember "thou shalt not covet." It will make you poor temporally and spiritually.

2 lessons from marriage:

  1. Newly weds; was in the Air Force and missed Christmas together; saw a beautiful dress; told her he's buy it for her- "We can't afford it."
  2. Coat- "Where would I wear it?" & "Are you buying this for me, or for you?" Added money instead to mortgage fund and children's education fund. (There's always a better way to spend money that isn't needed.)
Tithing- LAW; as in NOT OPTIONAL.
Family budget- teach our families the difference between wants and needs.

Satan's weapon: Addictions (Physical pleasures).
Want more than ANYTHING else to do His will - "I will give away all my sins to know thee." - Love for Him/ His love IS enough.

Margaret S. Liffeth

Peter; "feed His lambs" through respect for each other and reverence for God. Strengthen our children in these things. This should be our example.
Reverence isn't just sitting quietly, it's thinking about the Savior.
Self mastery is not just the root to self-respect, it's essential to it.
Teach our children to call our leaders by their proper titles; our chapels as holy houses of God. TURN OFF OUR CELL PHONES.
Love your class; the distracting child needs your love the most. "Every child deserves a chance to progress." If there's a problem with our children, there's a problem in the ward. Take concerns to the ward council.

Michael A. Neider

The new Young Women's value (Virtue) also helps to support the Priesthood. Support that calling. Be earnest students of inspired direction from His prophets. Eliminate mistakes and sloth in implementing God's plan. Utilize more of the youth leadership.
"You. Church. Today." (Was the story of a young man in Mexico who was the only young man in his age group attending church. With his limited Spanish and only one phone contact, he got the other brothers to start coming back to church. The above was all he knew how to say in Spanish, and was what he said to the one boy he called.) Sharing the gospel and reaching out to our brothers and sisters doesn't have to be difficult. Re-activation can really be that simple.
Give the women's organizations  tasks to complete--there is work they can help with, and even work that only they can do.

Allan F. Packer

Wonderful time to be alive, especially for the youth. Is a time to prepare and to work out our own salvation. Know that we know. Understand that Heavenly Father is REAL and His love for US is real; that the Savior and His atonement are real. Learn to apply that truth and the revelation it brings.
"Packer, TACKLE HIM!" (Story of when he was playing football in high school; he heard his coach yelling this from the sidelines.) Learned to listen for/ to his coach's voice and trusted it.

Alma 32 - Test to trust

Pay attention to thoughts and feelings of your mind when it comes to thoughts and feelings of your mind when the Spirit comes and learn to recognize it. Ask for truth in prayer.

D. Todd Christofferson

We have all we need. We have each other. We can build again.
We need strong Christians who can sustain hope through troubled times... faith against moral relativism and militant atheism.
Remember the ordinances and covenants, inside and ourside of the temple.
John 3: 16, 3 Nephi 27: 20
What is it that allows us to convert tribulation into triumph?
Blessings we are given are designed to help us proceed with success in that task that is ours. Steady supply of gifts and support. Does not mean we will always have peace. Challenges allow us to strengthen genuine faith. Face life with hope.
You've sustained much faith despite those that scorn you from that great and spacious building.

D&C 97: 8-9. 

Be honored to suffer for Christ's namesake.
2 Corinthians 12: 8-10
The endowment of faith is for those that will keep their faith. Comes through the Holy Ghost. Force by which Adam was quickened in the inner man.
Moses 6: 61
Holy Ghost allows others to feel and be strengthened by him and press forward.
God WILL keep His promises to you as you keep your covenants with Him.


Consider the Lilies

President Henry B. Eyring

We all have one challenge in common--we all deal with adversity. Fear and anger may come; "How could this happen?"; can be hard for us to hear from those we know to be blameless. We've gome to see such doubt from generations in times of war. We must remember that our Heavenly Father and our Savior live, and love us.
We are being prepared to lead an endless posterity to eternal life.
The joy of forgiveness can only come through the Savior's atonement. Even when you feel that love, it may still test your courage to endure.
D&C 121-123
Thou are not yet as Job.
The Lord will rescue His disciples.
Those who accept trials will be sustained to eternal life if they are faithful.
Prepare your hearts for the times ahead. Tragedy did not erode their faith. It tested it and strengthened it.
Care for the widows. Widows should also care for each other.
Alma 34

It's a habit to see others in need, others with less. SEE THEM and minister unto them.
"Make full proof, make FULL PROOF, of thy ministry." 

He set a course for each of us that will bring us home and purify us.

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