By Study and also By Faith: Passing Brother Merrill's Class

Look at what I made! You would not believe how many times I looked over this thing to study for my Pearl of Great Price exam. I'm so neurotic about religion finals--they're the only ones that have mattered to me at all this year--and I find that making PowerPoints has been an effective way for me to study. Once I figured out that I could post PowerPoints as YouTube-style video objects, I thought I'd post them for posterity's sake.

Here's one I also made for the second half of the Book of Mormon. Both PowerPoints are for classes I'm taking from Byron Merrill, one of the leading professors in the faculty for the Department of Religious Studies here at BYU. I have been so impressed with his classes and how much I've been able to learn in so short a time. I love his assignments, I love the way he teaches (no PowerPoint from him folks), and I love how you actually have to KNOW the scriptures to do well in his class. He loves his students, and it's plain to see how much he cares that they gain a testimony of the scriptures for themselves, and I will always look back fondly on the memories I've had in his classes.

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