"To hear is relatively simple. To heed and apply what is heard becomes life's perpetual challenge." Charles Didier
Obedience, for me, is on a long list of necessary virtues that I struggle to possess. The matter comes back to volition; I understand fully what I'm supposed to be doing and why, it's just a matter of MAKING myself obey. Especially for an issue that was also addressed during General Conference: listening to proper music.

Listening to proper music is sometimes difficult for me for my own set of reasons, and the excuses I make are too stupid to bear repeating (My mom swears more than my music does, so what difference does it make?, etc, etc, etc... See? Stupid.) But we were told, outright, not to have immoral music. Period. And even though my music is only bad for swearing, swearing is immoral. If I wouldn't play it in the temple, I shouldn't listen to it because my body is a temple. Done deal.

And yet I keep putting off the music comb-through in order to get rid of all of what few songs there are... especially for the songs I really like that I just downloaded from an awesome band in Australia--and their CD is impossible to come by because 1. They're Australian, and 2. They aren't mainstream.

But are The Red Paintings really worth the sacrifice I'd be making? I think not.

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