What is my world?

"Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it." - Buddha
What is my world?

A name tag from the AP Language and Composition mock test that's says:

does not need AP to validate herself as a person

(Only to discover that I got the highest score on the hardest prompt out of 2 schools that took the mock test.)

What is my world?

A set of scriptures that I treasure more than any book I will ever own, let alone anything I've read this year in AP... and yet I haven't touched them for pleasure in I don't know how long... Which makes me question: how do I give myself FULLY to two different things? And I don't think it takes a genius to see exactly what aspect of my life has taken control right now.

What amazes me is that I don't talk to my branch president very much at all, and yet when I went into his office for my temple recommend interview (youth baptism trip is this Saturday), I can't help but notice the questions that he asked me:

"Do you say your prayers?"..."Do you read your scriptures?"

In addition to his question about whether or not I pay a full tithe, which I think is pretty much a standard question that he has to ask, those were the only questions he asked me... and I'll be honest, I'm 1 out of 3-- that's 33%. Needless to say, I'm failing the test.

Considering the first temple interview I underwent was much more inclusive with many more questions (I mean, he didn't even ask me about the law of chastity this time-- not that I have anything to admit, mind you), and I believe there's just as much in what a person DOESN'T say as there is in what they express in words... without realizing it, my branch president managed to nail me for the two things I'm not doing right now... And, especially when it comes to prayer, they're specifically the two most important aspects of my testimony.

Church leaders are men of God-- you're a foolish mortal if you think anything differently. LOL
(If that last statement offends you, RELAX, it's an inside joke.)

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