We have to keep the commandments and conduct ourselves in such a way that our families will want to live with us in the eternities.
Elder Robert D. Hales

MOM! Where are my boots?! Have you seen 'em!

Nope. They're wherever you left 'em.

SARAH! Are you wearing them?!

NO! Your shoes don't FIT me, stupid! Why does everyone ALWAYS blame me?!

Because it's usually YOUR fault!

You're just mad because I'm the FAVORITE!

I kid you not, this is a model of the most frequent conversation I have with my mother and sister. It comes in 2 volumes (loud and louder), and if it's not about shoes, it's about something else that someone can't find. And I think back to my patriarchal blessing, and the promises it made for my family, and I honestly think it would take a miracle for my family to become an eternal family. Especially since we'd be ready to kill each other after the first 5000 years or so. LOL.

Fortunately for us, Heavenly Father is in the business of working mighty big miracles.

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