Temple Marriage

So I was thinking about temple marriage today. As far as I understand it, the marriage doesn't take place in the temple, but that's where sealings take place, and you have your marriage sealed in the temple. You can wear your wedding dress to the sealing, but that's not essential to the process. I'm not sure though. That YW lesson was, I believe, before my baptism. And it inspired a breakdown of sorts, so I can't recall very well what we discussed, or the details of temple marriage as we were taught. Which really doesn't help me now.

(And surprisingly, not only can Mormons get married in Vegas, the Vegas temple is really pretty. Go figure.)

I don't see anything wrong with thinking about marriage right now. I'm decisive enough to at least have an idea of what I want, and then when the time comes, I won't have to start a plan from scratch. And who wants to do that anyway? I feel better having an idea of what I want before it becomes an issue. But that's just me.

I was looking at images of the different temples around the world, and there were so many that I thought were beautiful. Our temples are some of the most beautiful buildings in the world, in my opinion. The Manti, Utah temple is no exception. As you can see, it look like a castle.

(Isn't it beautiful? And the great thing about BYU is that I would be close enough to go and see it!)

Temple marriage is a more immediate concern for me at the moment, because my mother has already asked me about whether or not I'm going to have one, since non-members (she and my entire family) would not be allowed inside. But because she always assumes the worst about my intentions, she fails to realize that I would never exclude her from the most important day of my life. I intend fully to have a "traditional" wedding, with both families. Then, my husband and I will go to be sealed. From the looks of it, I'd like to be sealed in the Manti Temple.


In the meantime, I have the awesome experience of Personal Progress!

I've almost gotten to the point where I'll start my first 10 hour project. Lo and behold, it's for Individual Worth. I haven't even thought about what I could do as a project, but I'm sure I'll think of something with the help of my YW leaders in church this Sunday! Because I'm going to church this Sunday! For the first time in 3 weeks... I did manage to get the sacrament from my boyfriend's dad while I was over at my friend's house watching the Super Bowl. To my mother, it makes sense to keep me home from church as a punishment, but I'm free to go to my friend's house to watch the Super Bowl apparently. 

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